Credit Workbook
  • Credit Workbook

    We know how bad a credit denial could feel and the impacts having bad credit can have on your life. This workbook will:* prepare you for a better financial future. * assist you in building your credit irrespective of the level of financial hardship you have been through. * help you develop an action plan on how to “improve my credit”. * provide you the basics of what should and shouldn’t be disputed on your credit so as to fit your specific credit repair needs. * assist you in rebuilding your credit plan. The Credit Rescue Workbook also includes several bonus worksheets. Hint: Want to know how to make money when the debt collectors call you? It’s in the workbook!Your financial success is our success. Therefore, this workbook has been prepared by our team of double-certified credit consultants with years of experience in the field. Your journey to healthy credit starts here, you can’t afford to miss it.